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Amazon small businesses

Please check out some of the small businesses on Amazon that I love.


Hotexy is one of my favorite workout brands.  I have a lot of their ribbed workout clothes, their jumpers and rompers and some of their workout sets.  This brand was created by women, for women and they are the sweetest business owners I've ever worked with.  They are responsive to customers and empower every one of their customers by treating them as if they are the soul of the company's success.  The gear is flattering, form fitting, has gorgeous colors and materials and I will always have their workout gear as a staple in my wardrobe.


Beaufident is the sister company to Hotexy and they focus on womens' fashion.  My favorite dress is from Beaufident and everything that can be said about Hotexy can also be said about Beaufident.  They are a women owned company who treat their customers like gold.  I love this brand and love their apparel.

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