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I promise to deliver the best photos for your project because I am a professionally trained model and a small business owner like you. 

I am always on time because you have deadlines and have limited time to balance all your obligations as a business owner. 

I am always collaborative because every business is unique and needs a model who strives to embody their mission statement and emotion of their brand. 

I am always delivering the best experience for photographers and businesses because that's what you deserve. 

As a model, I am also a small business, so I understand how personal your image is and I understand how important it is to find the right customers who love your business and recommend it to everyone they know.



The majority of my clients ask for a social media campaign.  I also use SEO marketing for companies through website presence and email marketing.  Please contact me for a sample social media marketing contract.  My rate card can be adjusted based on incorporated posts, dedicated posts, social media platform, UGC photos and UGC videos.


Feel free to drop a line and send any details of your project including photoshoot date, duration of shoot, concept, marketing goals for your photoshoot, and anything else you need for your business.

Request pricing

Click the link below to access my general pricing for individual photoshoots and for social media marketing.  


A few recent projects

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